A VR Journey between People, Earth and Identity.

Put on your headphones for a fully Immersive Sound Experience


MixCities is an immersive Virtual Reality experience that will take you on an informative and imaginative audiovisual journey through Rome, Milan, Barcelona, and Madrid.

Travel to these cities to discover them by interacting between the themes of People, Earth, and Identity and get Data Information decoded through colors and sounds and explore their singularities.

You can navigate this WebVR experience with a mouse and cardboard glasses for a more immersive journey.

All the Data analyzed and represented in this experience comes from Open Data Bases:


We are 4 girls who came from backgrounds that prioritize the relationship between user and space.

Our goal is to explore the correlation between technology, design, and interdisciplinary to expand the way humans perceive space.

We have been trained by studying the Master in Design for Virtual Reality at IED Barcelona. And we have collaborated with the BA of Sound Design at IED Milano to develop this immersive experience.

  • Project

  • Project Leader
    Art Direction
    Sound Direction
    Interaction & Development
    Visual Design

  • Mery Glez
    Gús Zúniga
    Painè Cuadrelli
    Daniil Koshelyuk
    Javier Garay